Kenneth Alderman
Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Alderman was appointed as chairman of the board in May 2005. Mr. Alderman is responsible for the overall corporate strategy of Commodity Link Enterprises and is active in developing senior level customer, supplier, competitor and governmental relationships. Kenneth Alderman has a Master of Arts degree from Christchurch, Oxford University.

Karen Hughes
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Hughes was appointed our chief financial officer in June 2005. Karen Hughes is accountable for strategic planning, development and leadership of entire finance functions as well as day to day operations management of company’s largest domestic division. All of Ms. Hughes previous employers subsequent to 2005 and prior to joining us were companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Sonit Kalia
Managing Director

Sonit Kalia was appointed as Managing Director in January 2001. Mr. Kalia has been vital in cultivating business relationships and consistently passing sales expectations. Mr. Kalia is experienced in utilizing his business acumen and management skills to develop new clients and strategic partnerships and is the driving force in implementing the CLE marketing systems across the globe.

David Horowitz
Executive Director

David Horowitz was appointed director in March 2005. Mr. Horowitz directs, plans, and implements policies and objectives of business in accordance with board of directors. Mr. Horowtiz coordinates company activities of business involved with buying and selling commodities and establishes internal control procedures.
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